Area of Practice

Family Law

Family law includes divorce, spousal support, custody, visitation, child support, grandparent rights, stepparent adoptions, property settlement agreements, prenuptial agreements, marital and cohabitation agreements, collection of unpaid child support and spousal support and enforcement actions.

Many of our cases are resolved without ever stepping into a court room.  We understand the value of parties determining their own outcome.  Parties who are able to resolve their conflicts through a settlement agreement are more likely to avoid future conflict and litigation.   Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who have resolved cases for hundreds of clients using a variety of tools, including mediation.  Because our approach is client-centered, we strive to resolve cases outside of court for the benefit of our clients’ current legal issues as well as their future well-being.  

Unfortunately, not all cases are resolved outside of court.  There are times that a case must have its day in court.  Our attorneys are seasoned litigators and formidable opponents that bring the kind of knowledge, passion and dedication into the courtroom for each and every one of our clients.


Including high asset divorce, military divorce, high conflict divorce and uncontested divorce cases.

Custody and Visitation

Including initial custody and visitation determinations, modifications of custody and/or visitation orders, high conflict cases.

Child Support

Including initial child support cases, modification of child support orders, DCSE cases and collection of unpaid child support.

Spousal Support

Including initial spousal support cases, modification of spousal support orders, termination of spousal support and collection of unpaid spousal support.

Separation and Property Settlement Agreements

Including drafting, amending, and mediation of agreements.

Prenuptial Agreements

Including drafting, amending, and mediation of agreements.

Marital Agreements

Including drafting, amending, and mediation of agreements.

Cohabitation Agreements

Including drafting, amending, and mediation of agreements.

Stepparent Adoption

Including uncontested and contested step-parent adoptions.

Grandparent Rights

Including grandparent custody and grandparent visitation.

Enforcement of Orders

Including collection of unpaid child support, collection of unpaid spousal support and enforcement of custody orders, visitation orders and divorce orders.

Divorce and Dissolution

If your marriage has ended, or you are considering ending it, understanding your rights and how the divorce process works are the first steps in charting your new course.  Some common questions at the outset of a divorce include: what does it mean to be separated, how much support can you expect to pay or receive, what kind of custodial schedule will work best for your children, how do you make parenting decisions with your ex, what happens to the bank accounts, retirement savings, credit card debt, can you keep the house or will you have to sell it, does your ex have rights to your business, is your spouse cheating on you or hiding money and, if so, how do you prove it.

Cisneros, McElroy & Boone has assembled a highly skilled team of attorneys to answer your questions and help plan your exit strategy and protect your rights.  Our attorneys will meet with you in an initial consultation and provide you with an assessment of your case and recommendations for your next steps.  We bring over fifty years of combined experience to each case, having represented over a thousand clients in their divorce matters in a wide range of divorce cases, from complex financial issues to high-conflict custody and visitation matters to uncontested divorces.   We will fight for you every step of the way.

Custody and Visitation

When you and the other parent of your child are no longer together, you are likely facing an all new set of parenting challenges.   It is not unusual for you and your ex to disagree on significant issues such as where your child should live, what kind of custodial schedule is best, where your child should go to school, what kind of medical treatment your child needs or what sports or other activities are best for your child.  For some parents, the day-to-day decisions might be the bigger challenge, such as establishing and maintaining similar rules and routines for your child at both homes. 

We can help you craft effective and creative solutions to the variety of problems you might be encountering in parenting with your ex.  The best solution is usually one that you and the other parent can decide together.  Our attorneys regularly engage parenting coordinators, family therapists and mediators to help clients reach a workable settlement agreement outside of the courtroom.  Our attorneys also appear regularly in the courthouses of Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William, Fauquier, Winchester/Frederick, Arlington and Alexandria.  When settlement is not possible, our attorneys will put their experience and dedication at work to fight for you in court.

Child Support

Most parents understand part of parenting is providing financial support for their children.   They do not always agree on how much is needed or how the money should be spent.  When the parents split, the disagreement over money can erupt like a volcano.   Common areas of disagreement include how much one parent should pay to the other, how the money should be used, whether one parent should be earning more money and whether a parent should be paying more than the law requires (college expenses, for example).  Child support is of the many areas where the experienced attorneys at Cisneros McElroy & Boone assist you, whether establishing a child support order, changing it or enforcing it.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is one of the most challenging issues in family law – for the parties, attorneys and judges.  It can also have the largest and longest-lasting impact on a party’s financial future.  One major reason is that Virginia law requires courts to consider 13 separate factors in determining the amount of spousal support to be paid and how long it is to be paid.   Those factors are diverse and leave a good deal of discretion with the courts.  Our attorneys have the kind of legal knowledge and litigation experience you need in your spousal support case.

Premarital (Prenuptial) Agreements 

Getting married is an exciting time and brings with it a lot of hope and dreams.  It can also be a time of worry and fear of the unknown. Let us help you eliminate some of your concerns by making sure your future is well-protected in the event even the best intentions don’t work out so that you can keep the stars in your eyes when you look at that someone special. 

Life insurance, we hope we never have to use it, but if you do, it is there to protect your loved ones.  At Cisneros McElroy & Boone, we can help you create a premarital agreement that is your insurance to protect your assets in the event of a divorce.  Whether you have a business, or children from another relationship, or just want to make sure that your premarital assets are well protected in the event of a divorce, call us to discuss how a premarital agreement can help you.

Separation and Property Settlement Agreements

In the event of a divorce, a Separation and Property Settlement Agreement (or Marital Settlement Agreement) is going to be one of the most important documents in your life.  It will have long term ramifications that go way beyond your separation.  It will dictate how well you navigate into the world as a divorced person.  Do not make the mistake of minimizing the importance thinking you can do it yourself.  The experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at Cisneros McElroy & Boone can help you avoid many of the problems that you haven’t even considered.