Area of Practice

Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse is something no one should experience, however, it is not uncommon and many people suffer longer than they have to. Additionally, many people are often unjustly accused of domestic violence. These allegations should not be taken lightly, since they can significantly impair the alleged perpetrator’s rights and reputation. If you were a victim of domestic violence or were wrongfully accused of domestic violence, it is recommended that you have a trusted attorney in your corner to assist you in seeking a resolution.

Wills & Trusts

Living Wills

Powers of Attorney

Protective Orders

Including preliminary protective orders, protective orders, dissolving protective orders, appeal of protective orders and protective order violations.

Domestic Assault and Battery

Including defending domestic assault and battery charges, representing victims of domestic assault and battery and appeal of domestic assault and battery cases.


including defending stalking charges, representing victims of stalking and appeal of stalking cases.